Keep Your Home Structurally Sound

Keep Your Home Structurally Sound

Get wood rot repair in Lawrence, KS

You don't always realize when moisture seeps into your home. Water can collect under your roof or in your crawl space, damaging the wood support beams. Wood rot will weaken the supports and can lead to structural damage. If you're worried about wood rot, call on Asbury Construction, LLC, a home construction contractor in Lawrence, Kansas. Our crew provides wood repair services designed to keep your home in good shape. If a section needs to be replaced, we can handle the new wood construction work.

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Don't wait to get your house repaired

Wood rot will only get worse over time. If the wood isn't repaired quickly, rot can spread and continue weakening your house's support beams. You'll end up with even more damage as your house's structure is compromised. Rotting wood also invites pests like termites into your home.

Asbury Construction is a skilled wood construction company in Lawrence, KS. We can fix the wood rot in your home, whether it's affecting a single support beam or an entire roof system. Contact us today to get your wood repaired.